Saturday, January 18, 2014

Very Late Thoughtful Thursday/Saturday Morning.

I mentioned last week I was feeling sick, It didn't really hit me till about 3 days ago. I have bronchitis. Not good at all . Mixed with asthma is just one of the worst feelings. One of the reasons my Thoughtful Thursdays is late. Been sleeping in all day.
I am learning to love tea.
Its 4 am and I cant sleep so I am up blogging and saved by the bell is blasting in the background.
I have been featuring a few bloggers that I feel are great on my blog. Hope everyone is checking them out!
BBW has a new collection of candles out. If you download the app Retail Me Not, they have coupons you can use online and at the store. At the store you can use multiple coupons!!
Still waiting on my glossybox to review and SamplerVillage.
I am hoping this bronchitis goes away soon I really need to go to the salon soon. My hair is turning into dreads -_-
My nephew Dylan will be here all weekend! YaYYYY love his little chubby cheeks.
That's it for Thoughtful Thursday. How was your week?