Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays.

Thank you everyone for the Birthday love it is greatly appreciated!
Thank you Gigi for the gift card, Target will be getting a visit this weekend :)
Thank you Julep for the 200 points :)
and of course I must thank mother nature for the huge snow storm we had, you never fail, every year for my birthday..
Peppermint Tea has been my best friend for the past 2 days, it has helped a lot with my congested chest..
I know I am extremely late but I just started watching Teen Moms, Omg those girls are a hot mess. Well not, but mainly the one that is now using heroine. So sad. Sorry I will never remember their names I am not good at names.
Last day to enter the Stila Giveaway!!
I have a cyber closet up on Instagram if anyone is interested @gees_closet
I have to head out to the post tomorrow to pick up a few packages since the post man is too lazy to ring my bell.
I will be sending out my Secret Cupids package tomorrow and my Valentine Swap with my friend Autumn , Plus packages for items that were sold on my Cyber Closet.
I know every word to all the Episodes to Team Umizoomi that are ONDEMAND.-((For those that don't know my 1 year old nephew lives with me and I love it))
I was Bored and Stuck at home, So I started doing some early "spring" cleaning. I was going through all my makeup and samples that I thought I can get rid of or give away and realized I had way to many glossy boxes. I did not want to throw them away since those are the only good boxes that I can put to use to store things. So I decided to go on Instagram and see if I can find an idea on how to use them as storage and came across someones page from the UK who made them into little dressers. So I had a DIY project at home. These were the results.
Excuse the mess, but that's what happens when I attempt to get crafty. I ended up with 3 little dressers and still had boxes to make more.
Made BBQ ribs today and was extremely proud of the outcome. They were all gone within 20 mins

Had my eye on this Loreal collection for a few weeks now. Come to find out it is only available in the UK. Just my luck. Do I have any readers out in the UK that would like to do a swap?
How is your week coming along? Are you guys ready for this freezing weather we are expecting. For those in the warm weather areas. Want to trade places till spring? ; )


  1. Awww, I hope you had a nice birthday! Sorry you had to be sick for it though. =/

    Wow, those dressers turned out really nice!! They are so cute! You did a really good job! =)

    And now I'm going to have to watch Teen Mom. I have never seen it but I was sold at 'hot mess'! Haha!! It gets my mind off my hot messes I guess. =P

    My week is coming along ok, just been really tired because of my insomnia. I noticed you're a late night warrior too. =)

  2. Thank you Hun it was pretty good regardless of being sick.

    If you get a chance watch the new Real world, that show is good so far.

    Lol yes for the past 2 months my sleeping pattern has changed drastically .

    Thank you they were pretty easy to make.

    I will try to post your giveaway price tomorrow, Monday the latest.