About Me

Hi I am Yivanna
I am new to the Blogging community. I love reading others peoples blogs. Something about what is going on in someone else head intrigues me. So I thought someone else would like to know what is going on in my crazy world. I am a true New Yorker since the age of 2. I was born in the Dominican Republic to a awesome mom!  As a living I am a jeweler and love shiny things :) I am very close to my family especially my niece and nephew. Since I don t have any kids at the moment. I am a fashion and Beauty lover Classic looks and modern pieces I am very diverse and into so many different things.  I am not very crafty but I try. Love girlie things, Fall and the holidays are my favorite time of year . Music and shopping is my therapy in this crazy world, that you are more than welcome to take a glimpse at. So stay by and take a look around.,..


  1. Hey,I was born in DR too!!!! And I lived in Brooklyn for many years!!!! My mom lives in the upper west side in manhattan.Nice to meet a fellow Dominican!!!

    1. Hey Doll!!! Nice to meet you also! Thank you for taking your time out to read my blog! Especially my about me :)