Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 is Almost Over.. A open letter...

My lovely readers!! Who is ready for 2015 cause I am sure not!
I didn't even post anything for the month of December and I am very disappointed in myself for that. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went by way to fast.  I am actually kind of depressed it is all over. I thought people get sad during the holidays not after. It wasn't a extremely bad year but like everyone else I had some obstacles. I miss my brother and the hubs, I was jobless for part of the year which was talking a toll on my savings and a few other things..
Anyways enough of the self petty.  So much I want to get done in 2015. I am making a list and a Pinterest board for 2015, things I will accomplish and get done.
I said I was going to be blogging more (I know I have said it before) but I will trying my best to.
Speaking of blogging.. I am in need of a new computer and camera. Do you guys have any suggestions? I was thinking of getting a desktop but I plan on doing a bit of traveling this year an thing another laptop would be better.
I really do like my job and was thinking of returning to school to further my knowledge so I can further my position in the company. But I also was thinking of getting a city job that has lots of benefits. Not sure yet but I still have time to figure things out. I mainly want to be able to take care of my mother with out her having to lift a finger. This includes my nephew.
I will not say I am starting a diet and going to the gym every day for 2015 cause I will not lie to you guys. No way in hell will I do it lol but I do want to live a healthier lifestyle. Cut back on junk food eat healthier. Get some exercise in. I feel like I spent my last year at home with out doing anything. So this yea r it will be a lot of new things going on. Even if its just a train ride into the city for a walk by myself it will be happening.
I will make it a effort to get my family together even if they are at each other throats. My uncle was a real family guy and always tried his best to keep them together.
I want to make more friends. I love the ones I already have but I absolutely want more. The more the merrier.
I want to laugh more, read more, maybe a little less social media and more social events.
I want to take a photography class.
Definitely going to California!
There is so much more but I will end my rambling right now so I wont bore whoever decides to read this.
My friends I hope this new year brings you all your wishes and success!
Happy 2015