Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays

- I usually blog in the middle of the night. I am currently not working ((searching)) so when I don't have a set schedule my sleep is all over the place. I need to get my sleep in control  and start blogging during the day.
- My twitter account was suspended with no warning email. I  made to post referring to the unjustified mandatory minimum sentencing the federal government has on low offense drug dealers. By mid afternoon my twitter was Suspended. I have emailed them twice asking why and I have not received a response. To my knowledge I did not break any rules.
By the way I feel strongly about this because my brother is facing a 15 year sentence for something very miniscule. Not only is there insufficient evidence. They absolutely go by hear say, I can walk in there and say any crazy thing and blame anything on someone at they are guilty. What fkin kind of system is this???
He has 2 children and a family that needs him. He made a mistake that I know he has learned from and already made 2 years in missing his children first everything, if things keep going down he will continue to miss everything. We were brought up with out a father figure and this is something my brother did not want for his children. My brother is a good man with a kind soul. Donated his kidney so my mom can have a healthier and longer life. Helped his neighbors and friends in any way possible. Is no where near a violent threat to any one. He just needs a chance not only for himself but for his children.
- I am up catching up to my pretty little liars . what is Mona up to?
- What happened this week to Being Mary Jane? They just didn't give a new episode with no warning.
- American Idol - Have been watching but still no favorite one yet.
- Heading to target today with my brother and sister in law. I will be hitting the dollar spot and trying out the new flan drink at Starbucks.
-  I strongly dislike my postman. I have 2 packages at the post office maybe even more that i don't know of. That says a notice was left which is major bull. The ladies at the post office are total bitches! . They will not check if you have any packaged unless you have a tracking code. With the exception of one sweet lady she goes above and beyond to help you some how.
- Manhattan has gone Superbowl Crazy! To be honest that huge slide in the middle of time square looks so fun!! Have any of my New Yorkers or visitors tried it?
- I am finding so many blogs on IG that I am falling in love with!! Will be adding them to the list soon
So what are your thoughts this Thursday? Weekend plans?


  1. Twitter is so ridic when it comes to suspending/banning. So much offensive crap goes floating around unbanned on there, yet you got suspended for posting thatl? Crazy. #shameontwitter

    I'm sorry to hear about your brother. While I don't know anything about his situation, other than what you posted here, it's crazy to me that some people get hit so hard by the system for minor things, yet The Biebs can go on a cross-country crime spree, putting people's lives at risk and only get a slap on the wrist (most of the time, not even that).

    I'm with ya on the sleeping thing. There's been so much drama in my family the past 3 days, I've been sleeping more at night so I'm trying to get back on schedule right now while I can lol. Good luck with your sleep schedule! =)

    1. My account has miraculously been reinstated. It was crazy because I did not put anything up that was against twitter policy.

      Thank you hun, Exactly what I was thinking it all boils down to the $$$

      Sorry to hear that Hope all gets well soon with your family, trust me I know how stressful family drama can be and can take a toll on anyone. Glad you are getting back to sleeping at night. Im trying to do it now.

    2. Glad to hear that your account was reinstated! =)