Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nude'atude !!!

I know winter is just beginning but I am dreaming of spring already. Mainly cause the holidays are over :(.. With the exception of Valentines and my Birthday coming. So to get me out of this little funk I went to my local Rite Aid to do a little retail therapy and Came across some beauties. I AM IN LOVE!!! 
Most of the drug store makeup lines are coming out with Nude colors to match every ones skin tone. I am thinking it is because MAC is coming out with a line doing the same thing.
I only picked up 4 items 2 from Maybelline and 2 from Loreal .
Lets start off with the Maybelline Collection THE BUFFS
The collection has 8shades , I choose 2 that thought would suit my skin tone.
I am fair tone with lots of freckles, usually nudes make me look washed out but I was very pleased with the 2 I chose .

I chose 920-NUDE LUST and 935-SIN A MON $8.89
920 is a light nude with a slight light pink to it and 935 is a nude with a hint of brown.
I had to swipe them a few times to get the color transfer on my lips but the colors are gorgeous with a light shine to them. Which I love since I am more of a Matte girl.
Here are some swatches ...
For the Loreal I picked up 2 polishes from their PRIVEE collection, They do have the lipsticks but the are not available around my area yet. This collection has 6 polishes.
Which look great on especially with a nice French tip
I chose 630-Liya's Nude and 600-Doutzen's Nude. $5.99  This like was curated but celebrities to match their skin tones.
630 is a nice Mauve Brownish color and 600 is a light flesh nude. I will be going back for another 600 since it is my type of color that I love getting pedicures with. My only disappointment is that you may have to do a few coats since with 1 coat it is very streaky and light, a thicker formula would be nice.
One last thing I picked up doesn't have to do with the nude collection but I been looking for a nice navy blue polish and came across REVLONS Nail art collection. $8.99
The navy I found dries out to a matte but I figured I can pass a coat of clear polish to make it shine. but I actually like the matte finish.
This collection has a lot of colors to it so I didn't get the exact amount of how many were released but the displayed looked like it had over 20 polishes. It is a double ended polish the other side is a nice shiny blue.

This is in the color 510 Pinstripe $8.99
I think this is going to be good to play with now since its a dark color and we are in the winter season.
Have you picked up any from these collections? Do you recommend any new Drug store products that are out on the market or would like a review?

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