Friday, January 10, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays

I decided to add the segment THOUGHTFUL THURSDAYS for a little weekly venting, Likes, Dislikes, Ideas and just random things that are going on around me at the moment. Hope you enjoy.
Feeling Kind of sick today. It is most likely due to the freezing weather we are having here in New York. Thanks to Klout for the package of Ricolas that  were sent to me...
I know by the time this post goes up is going to be about 5 am Friday morning, but since I still have not slept it is still Thursday for me :/ Lately have been having sleeping problems. Anyone can recommend something for my sleep that's not zzzquil.
I have made many friends over Instagram in the past year. Recently with a few bloggers . Which I admire and love their blogs. One of them being the Lovely Mrs. J.K over at  the Frugalatte blog.
She is a great Blogger who is good at finding freebies, couponing and being stylish while she does it.
Like she says in her About Me section in her blog. She is ''the girl with the coupon binder at the drug-store rocking Michael Kors boots and a Chanel Bag'' ((Love that! ))
I really think you guys should check her blog out.  Definitely one of my top 5.
The Weekend is here and I honestly don't feel like doing anything but sleep in most of it. But I will be doing a little shopping for the Secret Cupid swap I am hosting on Instagram.
What are your plans for the weekend?
I miss my brother - Yes its random but my brother and I are really close and I miss him dearly. If you follow me on IG, the lovely little chubby boy -Dylan and pretty little lady-Kasey are his kids not mine lol You would think they are with all the pictures I have up of them.
I am expecting a few sample boxes this week that some companies were nice enough to send me for reviews, so look out for those.
I still have 2 giveaways going on. One for a Stila Collection set and another for $75 paypal cash. So come and Join them one of those prizes might be yours
That's it for Thoughtful Thursdays.