Saturday, January 18, 2014

Never Doubt Yourself!

Yesterday I was wondering if I should even continue blogging, I was told to have patience a blog is not a success over night, especially now with everyone having access to the Internet so easily.
So I was contemplating yesterday if I should keep it going, do people even read what I write?

I logged onto my instagram and had a notification, when I checked, it was friend a lovely friend I had made on IG, after I read her kind words, all those doubts have disappeared. In the month that I have been blogging If I  reached at least one person to do something different or like she said inspired them to start something new. I consider my blog to be a success! Some may see it as something small or insignificant but to me this means a lot.

Thank you Gaby for the support and everyone else that has been reading and keeping up with my rambling.

Dear Gaby, I wish you the most success with your blog!

Check her out at
She's a sweetheart with a beautiful family that has a love for nail art!

Have you had doubts and someone completely made them disappear instantly?


  1. :,) Thank you lovely and i wish you the same. Your words touch me deeply. <3

  2. Don't stop! It is a rough start but rewarding. Plus, I love looking at your posts :)