Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ipsy April 2014

I received a email from Ipsy about my bag being shipped. When I checked the notification it said my package was delivered on the 23rd of April. Thanks to the USPS for putting my Ipsy bag in one of my neighbors mailbox and my so not honest neighbor for not giving me my package. I cant even imagine all my other packages that have gone missing. Any ways back to Ipsy. I contacted Ipsy and told them my package never arrived an they were nice enough to send me a new one.
Ipsy has one of the best customer services! Which is one of the reasons I highly recommend it
This months theme for Ipsy was Beauty Rocks
The Makeup Bag is a navy blue with a record player in the front.
Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide on Eye Pencil $20. I thought I received this in a previous sample box. I check and the one I have is not a Velvet lip pencil. This one will be good for a more of a smudge look. It is more of a matte finish.

Cover Fx Mattifying Primer $16. I really like this. It glides on very smooth and silky. Dries up instantly and gives a great finish for applying makeup. Will be perfect for hot summer days to keep out that extra shine.

City Colors Mouse Eye shadow $3.99 . White/Gold. This only comes in this color from what I saw on their website. I honestly didn't see this at their booth at IMATS maybe it was sold out since I went on a Sunday. It is a good consistency very creamy. Great highlight.

Kiss Lashes $6- Estimated price. Love these lashes! Nice and full but not drag queen like. Perfect for a date night or night out with the girls.

Mary Kay Jelly lip gloss in Berry Me $10. Not really into lip gloss but I will give this a try or pass on to my niece.

Overall: Really liked this months Ipsy bag. I will get use out of everything in this bag really looking forward to trying out the primer and liner.
How did you like your Ipsy?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

$20 Mystery Fancy Box

It is looking like FANCY box is keeping the mystery boxes for awhile. It would be nice If it was a permanent thing for those who do not want to subscribe. The boxes vary in prizes from $10-$40.
Since I had a $10 credit and some dollars from people I referred I was able to get a $20 box for just $4 dollars. Not a bad deal at all. If you plan on ordering from fancy use code Followup10 for 10% off.
Archipelago Holiday Travel Tin Candle $15.  I received the scent Marmalade. I haven't lit it yet but it a real citrus scent. Almost like a real sour lemon. 
Stuff Every Woman Should Know Book $10. I absolutely love this book. It gives advice on everything and literally mean everything. From makeup to changing a tire to asking for a raise.
Its a perfect gift for a friend or for your teenage child/adult moving away or going off to college.
Ciate Corrupted Neons manicure set $25.  Set is really cute. Love the pink and how bright it is. Not sure if ill use the pearls.

Tilt Mug $15.  This is perfect since I recently started drinking tea not so long ago.  I will be looking forward to using the mug.

Overall Fancy is doing extremely good with these Mystery boxes. The total for the items is $65. Not bad at all for a box that I would of have normally paid $20 dollars for. I Know I will get use out of everything in this box.
Another good thing is if you are not happy with your box you may send back to fancy.

Candle of the Day.

From: Bath and Body Works
Name: Watermelon Lemonade
Sweet Shop Collection
Original Price: $12.50
I Paid:$6.00
Size: Mason Jar 6.0 oz
                                                               Scent Description: Quench your thirst for long, summer days with this refreshing mixture of watermelon ice, sparkling water and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons
First look: The color of the wax is a Pastel Yellow. Label is a picture of a pink drink with a slice of watermelon and lemon on it. Reminded me of a nice cold summer drink.

The top had the little sweet shop label.


Scent Description..

I ordered this candle online and did not realize that it looked like one of the wicks was lit! Besides that the candle was in great condition.
Rating 3 out 5.
When first lit the scent was real soft I barely smelled anything. After like 20 minutes of burning there was a light lingering scent but it was not of watermelon or lemons. It was of pineapple.
Which Is not in the description. I love pineapple scents but I was not expecting it from this candle. The throw on this candle was really light . Overall it is a pretty color and cute packaging but the scent was extremely weak which left me very disappointed.
By the way I just received a new order of candles from BBW so be ready for more reviews.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays

Lets go with the Randomness ....
-Glad the weekend is finally here.
-Been catching up on my youtube lately. I have missed watching all the hauls and DIYs.
I have noticed every time I am going to purchase anything I will youtube the hell of it to make sure its a good purchase.
-I also am in the works of a room make over. So lots of DIY projects coming up. Including a head board , painted dresser and some art on canvas. Including this Chanel gold painting.
-My sleeping pattern is so messed up lately. I keep waking up at 4am.
- My order from Bath and Body Works came in. More Candles for CANDLE OF THE DAY reviews.
These candles were testers and were released only in test stores or white barn. If anyone knows where I can find them online or someone is selling them please let me know in the comments below . Thank you.

-So ready for the warm weather. Just wish it was permanent . One day its warm the next 2 are cold.. This is the type of weather that gets you sick.
-Love my new phone case from birchbox and pink polish that I also got from birchbox made by ruby wings.
-How cute is this necklace from DoodleBirdie on Etsy. Its a small mason jar with flowers. So freaking cute and awesome piece for the summer.

-If anyone knows any good blogs for DIY projects or room make overs please let me know. Thank you.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Candle of the Day.

From: Bath and Body Works
Name: Lemon Drops
Sweet Shop Collection
Original Price: $12.50
I Paid:$6.00
Size: Mason Jar 6.0 oz
                                                               Scent Description: That magnificent mouth-puckering mixture of sweet and tart is captured in this blend of fresh lemon zest, sugar crystals and a hint of vanilla
First Glance: I love anything that comes in a mason jar. I love the container and the sticker is a cute Candy Jar with Yellow candy in it.

The Wax is a very bright sunny yellow. The first scent with out burning you can smell the Lemon right away. Its very tart.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Review: When first lit the throw on this candle is strong. Not so strong that it gives you a headache
A real sweet citrus scent. I am huge of citrus scents since they are so crisp and clean.
You can really smell the lemon! with a big mix of sugar.
Only problem I have with this candle is that after 10 minutes of it being lit, I completely forgot it was on. The scent completely disappeared. I am not sure If it is cause it is a small candle and the area it was lit in was a really big room. Only way I got the scent from it was if I was standing right over it. I will be keeping this candle but I will also try and find a 3 wick so I can see if the throw is stronger.
Overall: Love the candle just wish the throw would of lasted longer. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014


May Everyone have a Blessed Day!

Candle of the Day.

From: Bath and Body Works
Name: Sicilian Orange
Italian Collection
Original Price: $20
I Paid:$8.80
Size: 3 Wick 14.5 oz
                                                       Scent Description: Sun drenched Italian groves grow the sweetest    and juiciest oranges. This glamorous blend of orange, Sicilian bergamot, sun-kissed lilies and mandarin blossoms perfectly captures Sicilian citrus.
Italian Collection.
First Glance: The picture on the candle is of  a old building , Not that appealing.
The Wax: A light Orange.
First Smell: It smelled like a Orange Creamsicle. I not sure if anyone else knows what it smells like but its like oranges and vanilla.

Burned Evenly

Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Review: The color attracted me to the candle at first sniff it smelled really good. It reminded me of one of the Holiday 2013 candles  but cant remember which one. Just with a huge smack of Mandarin scent.
When lit the throw on the candle is extremely strong! After 5 minutes of burning in my room my whole apartment was hit with the scent. (I have a huge 4 bedroom apt so it take a lot for 1 scent to travel the whole house). When lit the floral scent was stronger than the orange. It  was a little to strong for me so after 30 minutes I had to turn of the candle. I am not into strong floral scents cause they give me a headache. I might be returning this candle if I go to Bath and Body works anytime soon.
Over all this candle was not for me.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Candle A Day

I have no idea of when but not only have I become a makeup junkie but I also have become a candle addict. Yes I Yivanna love smelling, buying  and burning candles.
My main addiction has been Bath and  Body Works candles. I do want to venture out and try all different bands. May they be from known retailers to indie companies. My addiction has not stopped at candles but has spread to wax tarts.
I have collected a very large amount of candles. Especially wax tarts. I have candles from the fall and holiday collections I still have lit. This is not including the orders I placed this past week for more candles and more wax tarts.
I decided to light one a day and share my thoughts with you. So starting tomorrow I will be posting "The Candle of the Day"
With A full description and price. Hopefully my love for candles may lead somewhere.
Hope you all will enjoy this new addition to the blog.
If you have any recommendations on candles you think I should try please feel free to comment below.

Thoughtful Thursdays

Thoughts for the past few days............
-Imats was last weekend and I really liked it. I really want to attend Beautycon in may.
-I received a email from Jennifer at Ramblingsofasuburbanmom Blog and I wont her Qbox giveaway ! So excited about that!. I love her blog so definitely check her out!
- Received my Birchbox and again so disappointed! I have no idea why I am still subscribed.
-Still waiting on my Ipsy bag.
-Ordered some mason jar candles from Bath and Body Works using the 40% we were given over the weekend. Cant wait to get them! Might place another order since the 3 wick are on sale again 2 for 22  and a 20% off.
- I am debating if I should go to target tomorrow. I want 2 things but I know I will come out with 50!
-I miss my brother.
-Need something new to watch on Netflix any recommendations?

- This Crazy weather!! Last Sunday I was out in a Tank top and blazer and was still hot! Today I had on a full puffer coat and Uggs! Mother Nature are you on Menopause!

- Yankee Candle has the Waxtarts on sale for $1 !! Plus use code 4ship25 for free shipping on $25 and over.

That's all for now..... How was your week?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


IMATS NYC was this past weekend. I was lucky enough to be able to attend .
For those that are not familiar what IMATS is  must not be a makeup junkie like I have turned into in the past year. IMATS -International Makeup Artist Trade Show.
is a big convention where makeup junkies unite to spend their coins on things that make them happy. Lipsticks , Blushes Eyeshadow, Eye Lashes etc. All the pretty little things your heart desires. If you are a make up artist this is great for you to pick supplies at discounted prices and mingle with lots of Pros. For a regular junkie your get the same advantage and also are able to see lots of Youtube gurus, Bloggers, Make up artist and retailers you might be interested in.
All makeup is sold at discounted prices. Some have percentages and some have lowered set prices.
Some lines are extremely long , so I recommend it you go with someone you guys split up and have some one make the line for you while the next person goes around shopping for the both of you. If one of you lucky ladies have a very patient boyfriend/hubby/partner take them and make them wait in line for you.
I am not going to lie and say it was the best experience but it was nice and worth it. Lot of the makeup brands that were at the LA Imats where not here at the NY one which was disappointing. But I knew what I was getting myself into cause when you buy the tickets their is a vendor list on the site.
Few Tips.
1. Wear Comfortable clothing, especially shoes..
So many people in there and It was pretty warm and hectic in there.
2. Bring a bottle of water- They do sell food and drinks but it is pretty pricey. $3 bucks for a water? Really? but it was a event.
3. Come with friends/Partner- split up!
4.Make a plan. Make a list.
5. Make sure your phone is charged completely you will want to take lots of pictures.
6. ENJOY YOURSELF. IMATS only happens once a year .Like Christmas lol.
A few Pictures of My IMATS experience.
My Friend Zinnia did my Makeup for the day. Click on her name to contact her. She a Great MUA and also does face paints. She kept it real simple.
We finally arrived after getting lost and the line was extremely long to go in but went by fast.

LimeCrime was the longest wait line. 2-3 hours to get your products. We got on the line but after 5 mins gave up. The line was actually outside the pier! Plus they only had a 20% off and velvetiness were still $20. We decided to skip on it. But their booth was real pretty!

Makeup Artist doing special effects makeup for the competition.

Got to take a picture with the lovely JeffreeStar!! He told me to get off instagram and take a picture with him. He is the sweetest person! - Don't mind m e looking a mess it was so humid and hot and we were tired of walking around.


My Friend Zinnia after a long day at Imats

And I ready to go home! It was a great experience! Definitely will be attending next year!

Did you attend IMATS? How did you like it?