Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 is Almost Over.. A open letter...

My lovely readers!! Who is ready for 2015 cause I am sure not!
I didn't even post anything for the month of December and I am very disappointed in myself for that. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went by way to fast.  I am actually kind of depressed it is all over. I thought people get sad during the holidays not after. It wasn't a extremely bad year but like everyone else I had some obstacles. I miss my brother and the hubs, I was jobless for part of the year which was talking a toll on my savings and a few other things..
Anyways enough of the self petty.  So much I want to get done in 2015. I am making a list and a Pinterest board for 2015, things I will accomplish and get done.
I said I was going to be blogging more (I know I have said it before) but I will trying my best to.
Speaking of blogging.. I am in need of a new computer and camera. Do you guys have any suggestions? I was thinking of getting a desktop but I plan on doing a bit of traveling this year an thing another laptop would be better.
I really do like my job and was thinking of returning to school to further my knowledge so I can further my position in the company. But I also was thinking of getting a city job that has lots of benefits. Not sure yet but I still have time to figure things out. I mainly want to be able to take care of my mother with out her having to lift a finger. This includes my nephew.
I will not say I am starting a diet and going to the gym every day for 2015 cause I will not lie to you guys. No way in hell will I do it lol but I do want to live a healthier lifestyle. Cut back on junk food eat healthier. Get some exercise in. I feel like I spent my last year at home with out doing anything. So this yea r it will be a lot of new things going on. Even if its just a train ride into the city for a walk by myself it will be happening.
I will make it a effort to get my family together even if they are at each other throats. My uncle was a real family guy and always tried his best to keep them together.
I want to make more friends. I love the ones I already have but I absolutely want more. The more the merrier.
I want to laugh more, read more, maybe a little less social media and more social events.
I want to take a photography class.
Definitely going to California!
There is so much more but I will end my rambling right now so I wont bore whoever decides to read this.
My friends I hope this new year brings you all your wishes and success!
Happy 2015

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Heart Fall Tag

I have seen these all over youtube and wanted to join in.. I don't do videos anymore so I thought I would just answer the questions here on the blog.  I googled the "I love Fall Tag" and found a few different ones. But I chose the one from  Kat Bouska -Mama's Loosin It Blog
So its that time of the year when the leaves start changing, its gets a little chillier out side (How I love sweater weather!!!) and everything PUMPKIN is out!!
So here are a few questions  decided to answer...
1. Favorite Fall scent.
So far it has been my Pumpkin pecan waffle candle from BBW. That candle smells amazing!

 2. Best way to spend a rainy day.
Home in bed catching up on any of the TV series shows I have missed the past few weeks.

 3. Favorite Fall Drink.
Hot White chocolate .

 4. Football, yay or nay?
Nay Not into sports.

 5. Favorite article of clothing this Fall.
Chunky Sweaters.

 6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
Haunted hay ride cause I never been on one.
No way for the corn maze. I am very clumsy and will end up falling all the time.

 7. The scariest movie you’ve ever seen
IT - Oh man killer clowns creep me out.
I use to be super scared of Freddy Kruger also

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?
Chocolate or Candy Corns

 9. What will you or your kids be this year?
I don't have any kids of my own but my nice mentioned she wants to be a witch.
My nephews will be Cookie Monster and a Ninja Turtle.

 10. Favorite fall recipe.
Sweet Potato Pie!

 11. What is your Favorite thing about Fall?
The weather is perfect.

 12. Who else would you like to see complete the I Heart Fall YouTube Tag?
Anyone who would like to. Im not on youtube any more but if you do, do it on there please leave the link of your video below. I would love if a few of my instagram girls would do it also

Popsugar MUST HAVE Octorber 2014

   PopSugar Must Have is a monthly lifestyle box.
Each month you receive between 5-6 full size products. The price for a monthly subscription is $39.95. The value of the contents always add up to more than double of what you pay for.
-First Glance - It looked like t was a squished but everything was in great condition.
All the products n the box.

-K Hall Design. $10?. This soap is sponsored by progresso. I didn't know Progresso was more than just soups. Its a pretty huge soap bar. This smelss really good and with the winter season coming up its going to be great my overly dry skin. It has shea butter and olive oil so it should be very moisturizing .
-Nailed Kit $8. Halloween Decals. I am not sure if I will be using these decals but they are pretty cute for Halloween. If I don't pass them on to a friend I will paint my nails orange and use the pumpkin faces. These decals are non toxic and were exclusively made for Popsugar.

-Dean & Deluca $5.75. Pumpkin Spice Maltballs. These gourmet malballs are made with dark chocolate and pumpkin spices. I usually love maltballs but these are not for me. I honestly don't like pumpkn spice in any of my food cause it usually contains a lot of cinnamon which I am not a fan of. They didn't taste bad but I wont be eating any more.

-Butter London $18 WINK eye pencil. Its very nice and creamy you can always blend out the color. Its a nice light silver that can also be used on the water line and I think it will have staying power.

-Happy Socks $12. I could always use a new pair of socks, but $12 for just one pair of socks its pretty expensive. The are a cute grey, black and hot pink leopard print.

-Issac Jacobs International $36. Acrylic Frame . The frame is 2 thick acrylic pieces that hold together with magnet corners. I don't have photos up in my home but ill figure ill put n a picture of some quote or something cute to match my room.

-Mine Design $24. Its a soy candle that's in a jar where you can personalize it and write. The candle s a nice fresh scent. I really do like and I think its cute you can personalize it.

Also in the box are a few different coupons .

The whole box.

Like always I was very pleased with my popsugar box. I always say it is my favorite box and recommend it to everyone who is looking for boxes to sub to.
The total that I came up with for this box is... $103.75 not including the soap. Way over the amount that was paid for the box.
Are you subbed to POPSUGAR? If not just click on the link and go and do it! Use REFER5 for $5 off your first box.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Giving it another go.....

I have been trying to blog for sometime now and I wasn't able to get into my blog.
After trying for a few days I finally was able to fix whatever was wrong. Persistence does pay off.
I have a few ideas of some post I would love to put up and I am willing to take any suggestions if I still have any readers left.
-As for me I am working at Sephora. I do like the job and the perks that come along with it.  I enjoy the company of most of my cast members. Its a very busy job but that's a good thing cause the hours there go by pretty fast.
-I want to do something else with myself but I am not sure yet. I would love for this blog to be a success but I really need to put my heart and dedication into it.
With the work I am doing  I can connect with lots of different people and brand I just need to run it by my bosses to make sure its ok. I will be having some major networking to do .
-Its 3am and I should be sleeping since I have to work tomorrow for a full day, but I was not going to sleep until I figured out how to start blogging again. I am also watching The Originals and just finished catching up on The Vampire Diaries. I swear I love those shows.
I have been going threw some personal issues and they have been keeping my minds off things.
I am calling it short so I can try and get some rest for tomorrow but you will be hearing from me soon again.
Enjoy your weekend my lovelies !

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Whats the "T" Tuesdays?!?!

Hey My Lovelies!
How are all you doing?
This segment is like a Thoughtful Thursdays... just putting out there what has been going on lately.
-First off TRUE BLOOD! WTF is going on. How dare they kill Alcide off! I just cant with them I do not want to watch any more but I must.
-NY has been having some crazy weather lately. All this rain had been flooding our subways and highways.
-Been planning my nephews 2nd birthday. This year it is Mickey Mouse theme BBQ. Last year was a huge success so I am hoping this one is also.
-Lately I have been such a homebody. All I want to do is stay in and watch movies. Does anyone go through this every once in a while?
- Ok for the Big news about my JOB!
I found something I think I will love and the pay was better than I expected. I am not sure if it was cause of my experience in past job or that is there starting pay which I should of asked but its whatever now. I am happy with what i am getting for the moment.
So I can officially say I am part of the SEPHORA family!
I am super excited!! More updates on this as time goes by.
How has the beginning of your week so far? 

Birch Box July 2014

BirchBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. For $10 a month you can sample some great products every month.
This months theme is POWER UP . The box again was not your typical brown box. The lid had a "gym" print and the bottom was red.
First glance when opened.

All the items in the box.

All-in-One Gummy Vitamins for "Adults" Full price $29.95 for a 30 day supply. I would love to tell you how they taste but my nephew got to them before I could.

Number 4 Super Comb Prep and Protect- $32 Its a leave in conditioner that I will be looking forward to try. Right now the scent is not very appealing but since its summer time I usually wash my hair and let my natural curls go wild. Hopefully it will tame the frizz.
SuperGoop Eye Cream $45. Honestly I am tired of getting supergoop products. Not cause of the product itself but for the size of the sample and its the same thing over and over. By now I have enough to make 2 full sizes of this. Its suppose to brighten your eyes and with all the samples I have tried it has not worked for me.

Naoday Body Radiance Lotion $24 Again another one I am tired of getting . This is the fourth one for me. Don't get me wrong the product is good but with so  many companies out there why are we getting the same thing over and over. The scent is kind of citrus but somewhat musky at the same time, again not very appealing.

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner$16 . I know I sound very repetitive here but I think I have a black eyeliner from every makeup company in the world thanks to sample boxes lol. The formula was nice and smooth. I am more of a liquid liner kind of girl but this is one of the liners I don't mind using.

This little booklet also came in the box. It has 12 Challenges/Tips to get you moving and "power up"

Not pictured is a sheet to order Womens health magazine.
That's all from my birchbox. I honestly did not care for it much this month. I did see other peoples box and they received some great products. I have tried changing my profile but I keep receiving the same stuff.
Were you happy with your birchbox this month?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays. -IM BACK!

Hey Everyone! IM BACK!!
I took a little hiatus for a bit to re-group and get myself together.  I will be blogging again and bringing everyone a bit of me. I am always active on my Instagram page if you would like to follow.
I have a few projects coming up that I cant wait to share!
One being my room makeover. Its been a process for a few weeks. It is taking me longer than I anticipated but it is due to my not being able to decide how exactly I want it.
There will be lots of Gold and White in the makeover.
I found a job I am extremely looking forward to start. I officially start next week and will let you all know exactly what and where it is. I am looking forward to moving up in the company.
Its been extremely hot out these past few days. I have been home trying to catch up on my shows that I have missed.
-True Blood - Tara is Dead!!! Why?!?!?!
Eric is sick!! Why?!?!?!
Is Snookie going back to Bill?
So much went on in the 1st episode that I was loosing my mind. lol
-Orange is the New Black- I went through whole season in two days. Now I have to wait forever for season 3.
-Pretty Little Liars! Too many As to keep up. When you think one person is in on it 10 different others appear.
-Chasing Life- Its such a good show. I only have seen two episodes but I am really enjoying it.
-Witches of East End- I  missed it on TV so I caught up to it on Netflix. I am hooked. It reminds me a little of Charmed.
Catfish- A few episode were kind of boring so far this season, but I will still watch.
-Love and Hip Hop- I cant miss the "ratchetness" going on in that show. Its your typical  "ghetto" drama.
Well  My friends tomorrow is the 4th of July! Hope you all have a fantastic holiday.