Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sampler Village S.W.A.K. February 2014

Sampler Village is a Indie sample box, and by Indie I mean independent. All the samples in the box are made by Independent vendors. I love Sampler Village because it introduces me into products I will not find in my area. A lot of these products are mainly home based or small local stores in towns no where near my city. The box varies in prices from $25-$45 depending on the amount of samples for the month. They also have a Instagram and Twitter page. They are very active on their FB page and Interact with their customers which I love.
You will find all sorts of products in your box and every box is different. A few of the items you will get will vary from wax tarts, candles, lotions, bath bombs, lip balms, barrettes, beauty products, cards and many more different items. They all are great and of very good quality.
Every month is a different theme. This month it is S.W.A.K -Sealed with a kiss. Since Valentines is right around the corner this theme is perfect!
Here are the products that came in the February box.
First thing you see when you open the box is always a card with a cute print and the theme for the month. Its just saying thank you for your purchase and tells you about the mayor for the month.
In this box I received 2 bags (full of samples) one big envelope, and something wrapped in tissue paper.
In the tissue paper was these edibles!
The twizzler were just a bonus the Label was made by a company called Oliveitboutique. Cute Name! They make Personalized Gifts, Party Favors and Party Planning. Definitely check their site out.

Chummms is a seller on etsy (like most of the products are sold on Etsy) provided this nut mix- Nutz & Bolts. It was pretty good. A mix of coconut, Almonds, Peanuts, Sun Flower Seeds, Ginger, Cinnamon and Honey.. Great healthy snack.

In the big plastic envelope were all these cute handmade cards. From A-Penny-For-Your-Thoughts.
I have started to do the pen pal thing so these cute cards will come in handy.
The Gingerbread Cupboard-  When I first saw these I thought they were actual sugar cookies with vanilla frosting. These are actual Wax tarts , they are too cute! and smell amazing. They are in the scent Red Hot Cinnamon Cookie.
Heartofjoy- Cute Barrette that will be going to my niece
Earth Cookie Creations- Cute pegs with designs on them. They have some cute ones on their site. Great for crafting and party ideas. - LipBlam in First Kiss - Such creative cute names. This will be going to my niece also - Goat Milk Soap and lotion in Sandalwood Vanilla. This smells Soooo Gooodd!! I will be keeping the lotion in my purse and using the soap very soon. -Vanilla Kisses Lip Butter. Pretty good and will come in handy for my chapped lips during this freezing cold weather. Lavender Vanilla Lip balm. Smells good but the color is not very appealing. This one will also go to my niece since she loves chap sticks.

SoapCafe-Chocolate Soap. Seriously If I didn't read the sticker I would of bit into this soap. It smells and looks EXACTLY like chocolate.
I lost the information card for this little set, but it is just too cute. you can you the little cards as gift tags or any type of arts and crafts.
YunScentsTarts- Margarita Smells good more like cinnamon to me .

BunnyBubbles- Pillow Talk Silky deodorant- Smells real nice and soft. I never used powder deodorant. So their is a first time for everything.

A kingdom Chocolate Kiss Lip Scrub. I like that it came with a little spoon so you don't have to dig your fingers into the little pot. Its looks like ground coffee but I honestly didn't like this much since it wasn't much of a scrub it was kind of rubbery. Sweet Sugar Body Butter. Smells GREAT!  Love how thick the consistency of this is. Just wish the sample was a little bigger.

Country Space Creations- Strawberry Champagne bath salts and Chocolate covered Strawberries Creamy Oil Wash.  The bath salt have a very sweet soft scent and the wash smells like bubble gum.

Eva Janae Naturals- Body Butter and Cocoa Shea lotion Bar.
I love lotion bars, Just have no Idea how to store them . Any suggestions?
They body butter has a great scent and is nice and thick

Savory Savers Wrappers- Bubbles and Kiss.  The kiss had a cute teddy bear with small hearts and the bubbles have a cute teddy couple kissing. These are great favors for a valentines party I am assuming they do all themes. These are good to keep in mind for a party or wedding.

All the items on this post can be found on the Sampler Village website. The price for this box was $30, which I don't think is bad for all these products
 that you can get multiple use out of most of them.
Do you know of any other indie sample boxes?  Or Indie companies you may recommend I would love to try them out.


  1. Lush sells a tin for lotion bars. Or you can find your own metal tin like a mint tin?

  2. Have you tried Out of the Box Sampler? It is very similar to Sampler Village.
    I am still waiting for my SWAK box to arrive i want the Chummms! Thanks for the review!