Friday, January 17, 2014

Birchbox January 2014

 BirchBox is a Beauty subscription service that send you every month a small box with about 5-7 beauty samples. You may receive at least 1 full size product .The monthly charge for this is Just $10 dollars..
Birch box comes in a small box pink and white box.. ((SEE previous blog post for the Ipsy-Pink envelope review))
When you open the pink box you will find another small brown box with the BIRCHBOX logo in front.

Information Card and theme for the month : GO TIME

Inside is a sticker that says you may have a chance to win prizes every sunday on their website.

Nail Rock Glitter Full size $6.99 I am not a fan of glitter since its so freaking hard to take off your nails.(( If anyone knows of a quick easy way please let me know)) I might pass this on, but this would of been nice for the holidays or even Valentines since its coming up. Plus the instructions say let dry for 20 mins, really!?!?! I don't even have patience for the 3-5 on a regular mani. No way I can sit still for 20.
INIKA mineral eyeshadow in Eternal Marine- Full size $20 The color of the eyesshadow is a moss green, very pretty I didn't picture cause I wont open it since I will not be using it. I am a total klutz when it comes to loose powder anything. I can guarantee you I will make a mess.

FEKKAI Glossing Crème Full size $19.99. I am looking forward to trying this out, I have long curly thick hair. I am hoping it keeps the frizz tame. I have used their shampoo and conditioner from previous sample boxes so I am hoping this is good also.
100% Pure Body Cream in coconut $19-$38
In my info box it says I was suppose to be receiving the Eye cream an ended up with the body cream. I have received this cream so many times in so many different sample boxes I have enough to make 2 full bottles. I like the consistency of the cream it is real nourishing and smells good, almost like sunblock so it reminds me of the beach. Over all  I like the product but not the packaging.

AMHAD TEA LONDON-Full size $7 I was never a fan of tea till recently, not sure if its because I am getting older or because I have been getting sick a lot lately and the Tea keeps me warm. Either way I will be trying these out soon.

Last thing in the box is a stack of cards, like postcards with tips for how to have a great new year/life .

If I would of done the Ipsy Vs Birchbox blog, Ipsy would of won. Birchbox is ALWAYS a very big miss or hit. Was not very pleased with this box . How did you like your Birchbox?


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