Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy Randomness 2014

I WANNA SEE YOU BE BRAVE (( Me Singing)) I swear I love this song!.
Beyoncé- Looked Gorgeous but, yes there is a but I did not like the hair and the performance was ordinary until Jay Z joined in. Obviously I am more of a Jay Z fan than a B fan.
Loved he told blue she now has a gold sippy cup to drink from aka the Grammy award.
Lordes nice performance. Congrats on the awards.
Pharelle oh Pharelle ... Really why did you look like the man from the kids books Curious George.
Ciara GORGEOUS!! Don't pay mind to all these people talking about Future having so many different baby mamas and kids. If he makes you happy keep going with it. If it doesn't work out you are very financially stable to raise that child and few more.
Pink - Best performance in my opinion.
Katy Perry did a little dancing, very nice performance.
LL Cool J. How do you not change you look exactly the same you did from when I was kid.
Taylor Swift Gorgeous also! Very nice performance
Steven Tyler singing Smokeys song .. Yes Please!
Oh Robin Thicke can you be any sexier?
Macklmore I LOVE YOU!! I don't think I need to say  more .. I don't know the name of the girl that sings with him in that song but every time I hear her voice I get goose bumps.
 Queen Latifah marrying so many couples warmed my heart, it started off when goosebumps and ended in tears to see so many beautiful couples sharing their love.
Madonna .. No better way to close it than with another legend!
I really didn't get to see much after that performance since my DVR decided to not record the rest.
What did you think about this years Grammys?

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  1. I had to stop watching awards shows and beauty pageants a long time ago because it seems like most of the time I disagree with them and just get angry haha.

    I did watch the Beyonce/Jay-Z performance online though and I agree, her hair was bad. It looked like she didn't have enough time to finish it or something. I did like the performance though. I'm more of a Jay-Z fan too. =)

    I don't know how LLCoolJ and Christie Brinkley don't age!! Whatever they are taking, I want/need some! lol