Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sample/Beauty Swaps on Edivv.

Hey My lovelies!. I know a lot of my girls out there subscribe to lots subscription boxes.
Sometimes we are not happy with everything in our boxes or just don't have any use for them.
Wouldn't it be nice to trade some of the things for something you would like to try or something you will actually use.
I came across a website called
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Its a very easy process.
1.Set up a simple profile.
Here you can detail what items you are interested in.
2.Start posting things you have that you would like to trade.
Fill out the description. Let it be known if the product was used 1x, swatched or brand new.
Just so your partner knows exactly what they receiving.
When you are done posting all your items...
3. Start looking for products you would like to trade and start swapping!
4. You will get a email letting you know if you have a swap waiting for you, if a swap was declined or the info for where you ship a swap if it was a successful one.
If someone offers you a swap and you are not pleased with it you can decline or counter the swap.
Counter the swap = You  can look through the person shop and offer a alternative swap.
This is what a swap offer looks like. From here you can decide what you want to do.

It does not only have to be beauty products. You may also trade accessories, Makeup bags, brushes, candles  etc. The list is endless. I am not sure if there is any limit on what to trade.
My Tips.
1. You can trade multiple items at once.
2. Do not decline a swap right away. Wait a day or two and see if the person adds new items you might want to trade for.
3.Use the search bar.
4. Always send a Thank You note.
Well hope this was helpful , now go and start swapping my lovelies!!
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