Monday, April 21, 2014

Candle of the Day.

From: Bath and Body Works
Name: Lemon Drops
Sweet Shop Collection
Original Price: $12.50
I Paid:$6.00
Size: Mason Jar 6.0 oz
                                                               Scent Description: That magnificent mouth-puckering mixture of sweet and tart is captured in this blend of fresh lemon zest, sugar crystals and a hint of vanilla
First Glance: I love anything that comes in a mason jar. I love the container and the sticker is a cute Candy Jar with Yellow candy in it.

The Wax is a very bright sunny yellow. The first scent with out burning you can smell the Lemon right away. Its very tart.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Review: When first lit the throw on this candle is strong. Not so strong that it gives you a headache
A real sweet citrus scent. I am huge of citrus scents since they are so crisp and clean.
You can really smell the lemon! with a big mix of sugar.
Only problem I have with this candle is that after 10 minutes of it being lit, I completely forgot it was on. The scent completely disappeared. I am not sure If it is cause it is a small candle and the area it was lit in was a really big room. Only way I got the scent from it was if I was standing right over it. I will be keeping this candle but I will also try and find a 3 wick so I can see if the throw is stronger.
Overall: Love the candle just wish the throw would of lasted longer. 

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