Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays.

Every Thursday I give you what's running through my mind and what's going on in my world.
-My Popsugar for April came in and I LOVE everything in my box!
-Also expecting Birchbox and Ipsy this week. Peeked at whats coming in my boxes and honestly at the moment I am not very happy with them.
-IMATS New York Officially starts tomorrow!  I have a ticket for this Sunday and cant wait to go!
Definitely will be picking  a few items up so expect a haul and lots of pictures. Is anyone going? Any tips?
-Weather is finally getting better out here in New York. Spring I feel you coming!
- I have been in such a mood for Pizza and McDonald's lately.
-I have been on a Netflix marathon lately so I have no idea whats going on in any other TV shows.
-Giveaway winners were chosen and contacted. I have not heard from one of the winners so I will be choosing another one this weekend.
-I have no idea why but the Internet connection at my place lately has been very bad.
-I am extremely exhausted and will be going to sleep right after I put up my Popsugar Review.
Have a great night everyone! What are your plans for this gorgeous weekend?

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