Wednesday, April 16, 2014


IMATS NYC was this past weekend. I was lucky enough to be able to attend .
For those that are not familiar what IMATS is  must not be a makeup junkie like I have turned into in the past year. IMATS -International Makeup Artist Trade Show.
is a big convention where makeup junkies unite to spend their coins on things that make them happy. Lipsticks , Blushes Eyeshadow, Eye Lashes etc. All the pretty little things your heart desires. If you are a make up artist this is great for you to pick supplies at discounted prices and mingle with lots of Pros. For a regular junkie your get the same advantage and also are able to see lots of Youtube gurus, Bloggers, Make up artist and retailers you might be interested in.
All makeup is sold at discounted prices. Some have percentages and some have lowered set prices.
Some lines are extremely long , so I recommend it you go with someone you guys split up and have some one make the line for you while the next person goes around shopping for the both of you. If one of you lucky ladies have a very patient boyfriend/hubby/partner take them and make them wait in line for you.
I am not going to lie and say it was the best experience but it was nice and worth it. Lot of the makeup brands that were at the LA Imats where not here at the NY one which was disappointing. But I knew what I was getting myself into cause when you buy the tickets their is a vendor list on the site.
Few Tips.
1. Wear Comfortable clothing, especially shoes..
So many people in there and It was pretty warm and hectic in there.
2. Bring a bottle of water- They do sell food and drinks but it is pretty pricey. $3 bucks for a water? Really? but it was a event.
3. Come with friends/Partner- split up!
4.Make a plan. Make a list.
5. Make sure your phone is charged completely you will want to take lots of pictures.
6. ENJOY YOURSELF. IMATS only happens once a year .Like Christmas lol.
A few Pictures of My IMATS experience.
My Friend Zinnia did my Makeup for the day. Click on her name to contact her. She a Great MUA and also does face paints. She kept it real simple.
We finally arrived after getting lost and the line was extremely long to go in but went by fast.

LimeCrime was the longest wait line. 2-3 hours to get your products. We got on the line but after 5 mins gave up. The line was actually outside the pier! Plus they only had a 20% off and velvetiness were still $20. We decided to skip on it. But their booth was real pretty!

Makeup Artist doing special effects makeup for the competition.

Got to take a picture with the lovely JeffreeStar!! He told me to get off instagram and take a picture with him. He is the sweetest person! - Don't mind m e looking a mess it was so humid and hot and we were tired of walking around.


My Friend Zinnia after a long day at Imats

And I ready to go home! It was a great experience! Definitely will be attending next year!

Did you attend IMATS? How did you like it?

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