Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fancy Mystery $10 Boxes.

For those of you that didn't know, Fancy is having a special of $10 dollar boxes!
They have a Men's and a Women's box. Each box is different. You will not know what you are getting until you receive your box.
I ordered 2 of the women's boxes. As you can tell my first box is in perfect condition.
The second box on the other hand took a very good beating.

 When I Opened both boxes they contained the Fancy logo sleeves for protection and a Fancy envelope with some stickers. Usually the information card come in the envelope also but it didn't come in my boxes.

These are the products from box number 1.

The Fancy Wayfarer Sunglasses $30. I love these glasses!! Especially since they have a leopard print on them. Definitely will be wearing them as soon as there is enough sunlight out.

Florescent Black Light Lipstick $10 - I received the color Violet. I'm not sure if I will wear it since its such a dark color. But it would be cool to see how it looks under florescent lights.

Kikkerland Head Massager $15. My 1 year old nephew is very intrigued by this. It looks like a kitchen utensil but it does feel good on the scalp.

The Motley Gin + Tonic bath salt. $12- Honestly wasn't found of the smell but I will be looking forward to trying it out.

This just had me actually Laughing Out Loud! . If you have to be told not to eat it you shouldn't be buying this lol.

That's all for Box 1. The total for this box is  $67. Not bad at all for a $10 + shipping. I will be putting everything in this box to good use.
These are the items from box Number 2. That got a good beating.

Overview- Work Hard Stay Humble Wall Decal $20. This is a real nice wall decal for a office space. I really have no use for it right now. So I might give it away.

China Glaze polish silver $8- Been looking for a silver polish for the longest time. Glad Fancy sent me this one. China Glaze is also one of my favorite polishes cause they take long to chip.

Aqua Pouch Speaker $20- You are suppose to connect your phone to this and be able to shower with it. It says this is just durable for splashes or sprinkles so don't go swimming with it.

For this box the total is $48. Again not bad for the price that was paid.
I am very pleased with both my Fancy boxes.
Did you order a Mystery Fancy Box? What did you get?

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