Sunday, April 20, 2014

Candle of the Day.

From: Bath and Body Works
Name: Sicilian Orange
Italian Collection
Original Price: $20
I Paid:$8.80
Size: 3 Wick 14.5 oz
                                                       Scent Description: Sun drenched Italian groves grow the sweetest    and juiciest oranges. This glamorous blend of orange, Sicilian bergamot, sun-kissed lilies and mandarin blossoms perfectly captures Sicilian citrus.
Italian Collection.
First Glance: The picture on the candle is of  a old building , Not that appealing.
The Wax: A light Orange.
First Smell: It smelled like a Orange Creamsicle. I not sure if anyone else knows what it smells like but its like oranges and vanilla.

Burned Evenly

Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Review: The color attracted me to the candle at first sniff it smelled really good. It reminded me of one of the Holiday 2013 candles  but cant remember which one. Just with a huge smack of Mandarin scent.
When lit the throw on the candle is extremely strong! After 5 minutes of burning in my room my whole apartment was hit with the scent. (I have a huge 4 bedroom apt so it take a lot for 1 scent to travel the whole house). When lit the floral scent was stronger than the orange. It  was a little to strong for me so after 30 minutes I had to turn of the candle. I am not into strong floral scents cause they give me a headache. I might be returning this candle if I go to Bath and Body works anytime soon.
Over all this candle was not for me.

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