Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pop Sugar Must Have April 2014

PopSugar Must Have is a monthly lifestyle box.
Each month you receive between 5-6 full size products. The price for a monthly subscription is $39.95. The value of the contents always add up to more than double of what you pay for.
Opening the box----

First Glance.

Nature Box-$5 - This might be the only thing I was not thrilled about. I am not going to say its was not good cause I have not tried it yet. I am not a huge fan of soybeans and corn, which Is why I haven't opened it. Debating it I should just give it away or try it. - $20/$36- I received a daily planner from this company in my Holiday limited edition box, which I use for work.  This one is going to come in handy to write blog ideas, to do lists and random stuff when I ever need to take notes. Its a nice Blue with the words RUN THE WORLD in front. The pages have a gold edge which makes it look expensive.

Too Faced- Natural Eyes Palette $36 - I am a lover of neutral colors . I am not bold enough to use outrageous colors so this palette is perfect for me. I am a huge fan of Too faced products so I was excited about this one. Only problem I had with this palette was that one of the middle shadows had a fingerprint on it. Ill just spray it with my makeup sanitizer.

Caldera- Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap-$10.50 - OMG this smells AMAZING!!!. I checked out their website and I and planning on ordering a few of their products in their line, especially the candle. Its such a soft woodsie but still feminine smell.

BlueAvocado- Eco Shopper $25. Blue avocado teamed up with Lauren Conrad to design these bags. I really love this bag! It folds up to a great compact size. When you open it, its huge! Great for shopping or even to go out to the beach. Its very light weight so it dries up fast if it gets wet.

This is the floral print. I had to copy the picture from the website since the bag was too big for me to photograph decently. The straps are nice and sturdy.

FreshPastry on $18 - These towels are of very good material and will be put to good use. Both of the towels had encouraging words spread across them.

Finally picture of everything that was in my box!

Like always I was very pleased with my popsugar box. I always say it is my favorite box and recommend it to everyone who is looking for boxes to sub to.
The total that I came up with for this box is... $114.50. Way over the amount that was paid for the box.
Are you subbed to POPSUGAR? If not just click on the link and go and do it! Use code Refer5 for $5 off your first box.

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