Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Candle A Day

I have no idea of when but not only have I become a makeup junkie but I also have become a candle addict. Yes I Yivanna love smelling, buying  and burning candles.
My main addiction has been Bath and  Body Works candles. I do want to venture out and try all different bands. May they be from known retailers to indie companies. My addiction has not stopped at candles but has spread to wax tarts.
I have collected a very large amount of candles. Especially wax tarts. I have candles from the fall and holiday collections I still have lit. This is not including the orders I placed this past week for more candles and more wax tarts.
I decided to light one a day and share my thoughts with you. So starting tomorrow I will be posting "The Candle of the Day"
With A full description and price. Hopefully my love for candles may lead somewhere.
Hope you all will enjoy this new addition to the blog.
If you have any recommendations on candles you think I should try please feel free to comment below.

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