Friday, March 21, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays

Hello my friends! Hope you all are having a great week.
Thoughts for the week are as is...
- has Mystery boxes available for $10. Worth over $30 in products. They have 2 separate boxes. One for the men and one for women. Make sure to use code Followup10 for 10% off. I ordered 2 boxes. Only thing that sucks is you have to pay for shipping separately for each box.
-Julep has the April Maven Box selections out. This month they are offering bronzers and blushes.
Real pretty shades but I think I will be skipping out this month..
- I still have not received my Birchbox!
-Just got the confirmation that my Glossy Box has Shipped.
-Just finished watching the movie TEMPTATION by Tyler Perry. The movie is good, started off kind of boring but honestly the ending is very sad. It reminded me of a Spanish quote my mom always tells me. No Pielda Los Mas por Los Menos. Appreciate a good thing when you have it.
-PLL season 4 just ended!! and I have so many Questions that need answering!
When the hell will we find out who -A is?
Will Ezra Die?
So Mona was playing them all along, But who took over the game?
Who is Ali's Mom covering up for that she will burry her daughter?
Does Ali really have twin?
What did Melissa whisper to her Dad?
And the list goes on...
-If you are not watching the show GIRLS on HBO you are missing out!!
- I have a birthday party to attend to this weekend. My friends son is turning 1. Such a cute Kid. Any Ideas on what to get a 1 year old. Lately I noticed every time I go to a party I end up giving a gift card.
- The giveaway is still going on you have plenty of time to join.
What are your plans for the weekend? Anything special?

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