Friday, March 7, 2014

TARGET HAUL!!!! Dollar Spot

Ok if you follow me on Instagram you Know I have a thing for the Dollar Section at target!
The have the cutest Stationary Items. Some of the items I picked up are for a swap I am hosting on SWAPBOT.  If you want to sign up today is the last day to join here is the link. I went to twice yesterday!
I found the Washi Tape Dispenser on sale for $2.48.
Valentine Stamp for $1.98
Ink Pads were $3 for the set
Gold Journal $3
Everything else $1
The cardboard cut outs are Magazine Holders $1
Head bands, Ribbon, Flowers, Stickers, Plate and small bag also $1

Adding to my god Addiction! Found the Threshold Jewelry box I been dying for on sale for $25.
This cute Towel and Hair Wrap!

Target you will leave me Broke!
But I will be seeing next week.


  1. I love love love the dollar spot. I missed out though bc there was dove deodorant there that had a dollar off coupon!

    1. Anyone that goes to target with me knows that's the first section I am hitting lol. Oh that would of been good Free Deodorant! I need to start couponing.

  2. I searched for this box.. never did find it :/

    1. I found in a target in Brooklyn New York, I have seen them pop up again at my local target.