Sunday, March 30, 2014

Treasure Pack

Treasure Pack is a subscription service that for $14.99 send you a assortment of Jewelry every month. Treasure Pack was nice enough to send me a package for review. Below are the items I received and my personal thoughts on the everything.
Everything came in a small yellow envelope that I had to go sign for at the post office.
Inside the yellow envelope was a clear bag with a assortment of jewelry.

First thing I pulled out was these cute black and white Love Knots.

2.Crystal Flower Hair Tie. Will look cute for pony tails.

3. Pearl Bracelet with Crystal Dog Charm.

4. Leaf Ring- Its a cute ring but my fingers are too big for it. I will be passing this along to someone else.

5. Gold Leaf Dangle earring. These are very light and fragile. Will look forward to wearing them this summer.

6. "Evil Eye" pendant on long Chain. I really like this one. The colors on the stones are real pretty.

7. Puppy Necklace. Its kind of something a little girl should wear. Like play jewelry I will be passing this to my niece wit the bracelet.

8. Triangle Necklace. Goes with the Love Know earrings. Don't think I will wear them together but I will definitely wear this.

9. Angel Wings Necklace. This is definitely my favorite piece out of all the items. I will be wearing it often.

Final Thoughts- I highly recommend Treasure Pack if you are into costume jewelry. Especially if you have a young girl in your life. This is something you and that young girl can share each month or get a subscription for you or one for them.
9 pieces of jewelry for $14.99 is not bad at all.

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