Sunday, March 30, 2014

Darby Smart Ink Blot Coasters

Darby Smart is a Monthly Box with DIY projects. Each month they have new boxes that vary in prices.

Something Leaked in the box and was stuck to the instruction card.

4 Ceramic Tiles

3 Alcohol Ink
1 Alcohol Blending Solution.

Sponge Brush

Mod Podge

Cork Stickers

Easy Instructions
1Spread the solution around the tile.
2. Drop the color inks in different patterns so make the blots
3. Let Dry for 10 mins
4. Spread a thin layer of Mod Podge in same direction.
5. Dry for another 10 mins
6.Stick cork stickers

For a little extra I colored the edges with a gold marker do give it more of a "rich" look
I was very pleased with the outcome .

My final project. I absolutely love how they came out. Kind of looks like agate stones up close.

Are you a crafter? Do you order Darby Smart boxes? I want to get into more crafting any tips?

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