Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Random.

Since I missed my Thoughtful Thursdays segment I decided to make a Sunday Random to catch up with my readers.
-I was been kind of down since the job I was really looking forward to did not work out.
So who ever is in NY and knows of a place that's hiring. Please contact me.
-Since I felt down the best cure for that ((well at least for me)) is do a little shopping.
I ended up at BBW and picked up 2 of the Sweet Shop candles and 1 of the New Hawaii scents.
I didn't have my coupons on me so the lady was nice enough to give me 20% off .
Raspberry Peach Macaroon and Watermelon Lemonade
-Also stopped by Target and Hit the Dollar Spot Hard!
Giveaway coming up later tonight
-Went to Sephora and Fell in Love again! with the Radiant Orchid Patone Color of the year. They had many displays but this one was so pretty.

-Some swatches from the line. Small one at the bottom left is the Matte Lipstick, 3 on top of that are the lipgloss set.  Small on the bottom right is the liquid liner. Which is my Favorite piece out of the line. On top of that is the Luster Drops, very pretty but way to much glitter for my liking. and the blush at to. The 2 top swatches are random from all the other products in the store.
- I picked up the
Blush palette which includes a 2 highlighters.
Matte Lipstick
Liquid Eyeliner
Buxom Duo Set

- If you have not tried or have this Kat Von D Liquid lipstick you MUST try them out. I saw one on one of the sales girls at Sephora and it is gorgeous on!! Sadly they were completely sold out! I wanted the color LUV. Its a gorgeous violet color and dries matte.
- I was looking through Pinterest and I fell in love with this look. She is a gorgeous Bride in this simple tulle skirt and top.
- Received my Glamour magazine in the mail. Lena Dunham from the show girls looks Fabulous on the cover! Always love when the Latin Glamour comes with it and a Huge bag of gum from my home land in the Dominican Republic.
- A little DIY for my nephews room.. Not completely finished but love how it is coming out.

No more Randomness for now . How was everyone week?

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