Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays

Here we go.....
- Some of the shows I am addicted to watching are back on.. Catfish, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Also coming soon is in June is Orange is the new black and True Blood. Which I will have to watch the last 2 episodes since I completely forgot what happened in both shows.
-I tried watching Teen Mom and I just couldn't. I cant stand when a mom holds her child against the father just cause they don't get along. Some "parents" need to know how to be adults and keep your differences separated from the child and fathers relationship and theirs.
-May wishlist will be up later today.
-Popsugar Must Have spoilers are up on isntagram by a few people that received theirs already. If you want to take  a look just search #popsugarmusthave.
-I am dying for warm summer days. Just through on a sundress, sandals and head out.
- I really want to move to a quiet calm state. I lived in NYC for 30 years already. I love it here. The hustle and bustle of busy NY life, but I am in need of a quiet place now.
-One of my closest friend/sister is moving to Cali!! I am so proud and happy for her. I am truly going to miss not having her just a hour or 2 away. 
-Mothers Day is this Sunday. Funny we celebrate Mothers day here twice. The American one and the Dominican one since its at the end of the month. How spoiled is my mama. She deserves it!
- I am back on watching my YouTube Videos. How I missed you guys!
How is your week going? Any plans for mothers day?

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