Friday, May 9, 2014

Candle Of The Day.

From: Bath and Body Works
Name: Beach Cabana
Original Price: $22.50
I Paid:$8.80
Size: 3 Wick 14.5 Oz
                                                     Scent Description: Fragrant, sweet jasmine, orange blossom and the fresh scent of fluffy white towels evokes the endless-summer feel. Breathe in the air under a beach cabana and instantly transport your senses to the shore.
First Look : Reminds me of the Caribbean. Bright colors and the gorgeous minty blue color of the wax reminds me of the ocean.
                                                         Scent Description.. Bottom
The Wax is a Minty/Blue/Green color.
Rating 5 out of 5.
This candle is amazing! I was not expecting the throw on this one to be as strong as it was. It was not a overwhelming smell but it was very noticeable right away.
It smells like a day at a resort right on the beach! Its like a mix of suntan lotion, ocean water and sun. ((Like if sun has a scent but I hope you know what I mean))
The color is very pretty and light. It burns evenly.
This candle is perfect for hot summer days. I was thinking of taking the label off and keeping it in the bathroom. Not sure yet.
This is definitely one of my favorite candles.
Do you have any recent favorite candles?

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