Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays

My thoughts mid week, might always change over the weekend :)
- I am so over these SNOW STORMS!! Why?? and there is still another one coming Sunday.
-Still have 2 More gift guides Coming up 1. For the man in your life 2. For the kiddies in your life.
3. I posted last week that I found a job. Guess what my friends now I found another!!! I will be working both at the moment. Would like to see which one is better for me.
I would to find something in Beauty or a magazine .
4. I am so over the Biebs and his bullsh*t.
5. Its sad about Phillip Hoffmans Death due to a heroin overdose. Only thing that has actually pissed me off is that they are now going hard on finding his supplier and saying its a recent epidemic. Are they fkin Stupid? Now cause of a famous person died off it they want to broadcast it. How about the constant regular folks that have passed away due to heroine. I live in the Bronx and the shit is all over the place and its been like that for years. How about you come and clean up my neighborhood of this mess Mr. Government !
6.  On a lighter note. My popsugar  Box is on its way. Use code BOX10 for $10 off

Julep has a special Valentines Cupid Mystery box For $25
Fancy also has 2 different Valentines Boxes a His and Hers box
Any New subscription boxes you guys may recommend ?
7. For one of my jobs I need to bring in lunch so I cant leave the location. Any ideas? I really don't want to take leftovers.
Alright that's it for my thoughts for now hope you guys are enjoying your day
What are your weekend plans?
**Sorry for the Cuss words, Its just issues like this Boil my blood! **

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  1. Congrats on the 2nd job!! That's so awesome!! xD