Sunday, February 2, 2014

Small Target Haul.

Went to Target on Wednesday with my brother and sis in law to try and find the $3.99 slippers i saw on instagram. No Luck! They were all gone. I did find a popcorn maker for $5.98!! I will not picture it since its a gift for a friend and I am not sure if she will be looking at the  post.
Also hit the Dollar Spot Section - My Fave part of Target!
Picked up lots of Note Cards, Washi Tape, Ribbons , Note Cards, Magnets and Journal. I used my cartwheel and got 20% off!
I also picked up The Valentines Coffee Mug, A gold dish I been eyeing since the holidays for $6 and a set of plates for $6. Which I regret not getting 2 sets. A washi tape holder with tapes for $4 and I finally found my Wreck this Journal! I also used my Gift Card from my sweet friend Gigi and The one I got from my Ebates for signing up.
Pretty Decent Haul

Did any of you go to target this week? What did you pick up?


  1. I need to bring you to Target with me! I never know to look for cute stuff like that!

    1. Definitely! I need a partner to head to Target with!