Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Funny Valentine Gift Guide.

Ah Valentines. Time to show the one you love a little extra attention more than you usually do, even though you should treat that special someone great through the year. February 14th you can out do yourself.
My First gift guide is Dedicated to your funny/anti valentine. These could be gifts for a valentine with a great sense of humor or your girl/guy friend that is single and dislikes valentines. Everyone needs love and its even better when it comes with a laugh.
For your Drinker- Be it Coffee, Tea or Vodka. These are great!
1.V is for Valentine Vodka Mug or Tumbler- Etsy $14
2.Slut Tea Cup- Etsy $?
3.Did you fart? Mug- Caf├ę $10
Something to wear!
1.Love is in the Air Tee- $26.99
2.Cupid Stupid Tee- $28.99
3.This Girl Tee - Etsy $12.99
4.Time for that- Etsy -$24.99
Something for your Single Girlfriend.
1.Voodoo Knife Set- Amazon $80
2.The Perfect Man -Amazon $11
3.#Dead Undies -Etsy $28
4.ExBoyfriend Candle- Etsy $?
For a Get together with your Girls
1. Photo booth Props- Etsy $18
2. Wine Labels- Etsy $11
3. Heart Pinata - Amazon $24.99
4. Boyfriend Sucks Box- $30
Remember show everyone some love this Valentines, a little goes a long way!
More Gift guides coming up in the Next 2 days stay tuned.

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