Tuesday, December 31, 2013

WELCOME 2014!!

GoodBye 2013
You have put me through hell and back but I am grateful for all the lessons learned.
I lost love ones, "friends", Money, Love etc.. You name it 2013 took it, But it never took away my faith in God and I know everything happens for a reason.
So I WELCOME you 2014 with open arms, open mind and a open heart!
I am ready for my life to take the course it is suppose to take.
Made some New Years Resolutions. No, Dieting is not one. Getting healthy? Yes!
If you saw my post on instagram you may know what they are, but just in case you missed it, Here they are.
1.Be Completely Happy!
2.Be More Positive!
3. Make More Friends.
4.Try something New Every Week.
Simple, Right?
Come back in a month and ask me how i am doing with them :)
Well my lovely readers, Even though I am new to the blogging world. I Thank you ALL! for taking your time out and reading my messy life. I appreciate and love every one of you.
May 2014 Bring you all Lots of love, Great Health and Inner Peace.
Sincerely ThoughtfulVee of 2013....
What are your New Years Resolution? Do you keep up with them?


  1. I hope you get everything your heart desires. U are a beautiful person n deserve the best : )