Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bath and Body works

Those that follow me on instagram and know me personally know I am addicted to Bath and Body works candles. I love to collect them especially the Holiday ones.
So far these are the ones I have collected this holiday season.
To be Honest I was kind of disappointed with them, Not the candles but the delivery from UPS, They were not ringing my bell so I literally  had to wait for them in front of my home to get my box. Than a lot of my candles were broken and out of place in the jars which made them look so dirty and messy. I called BBW and spoke with a very nice lady at customer service who replaced my candles with no hassle. These were the ones that were sent the second time around.
This year my favorites have been so far 'Tis The Season and Sparkling Icicle
Tis the Season  smells Like peppermint, Pine with a hint of cinnamon. I am not a fan of cinnamon but this one is bearable cause its not a strong over powering scent.
Sparkling Icicles has a clean soft scent, Not like clean laundry but a fresh scent that's hard for me to explain.
I had only one major disappointment with one of the candles. Which was a huge surprise to me since it smelled amazing in the jar. Big thumbs down goes to Winter Candy Apple.
But thanks to one of my lovely friends on Instagram I was told I can return it with no hassles, which I will be doing Tuesday, Yes on Christmas eve, I will be around BBW on the 24th so just going to take advantage of it and take it back. With another one that was given to me as a gift that completely shattered. 
Well my readers, Hope you enjoyed this random blog on one of my may obsessions.
What are you obsessed with?  What are your thoughts on candles especially the BBW ones?
3 days til Christmas. Hope everyone is don't with their shopping.


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