Thursday, December 26, 2013

Secret Cupid Love Exchange

Hello my Friends..
I am Hosting a Secret Cupid Love Exchange. It basically is a Secret Santa for Valentines.
It will be held through elfster so you must sign up, I will send you a email if you have been accepted.
The Sign up Date ends on January 10th, so you may have enough time to send your partner their gift.
The Limit is $75 .. It is pretty pricey so please make sure you are going to not flake on your partner if you are going to join.
Rules for this Swap
1. Must be over 18.
2.Must have a Instagram. @porcelainvee. is my name on it.
And be active on it.
3. Valid email address.
To participate you must email me at
with your Instagram name and email you would like me to send the invite to.
Elfster is a website that lets you add items to wish list so your partner has a idea of what you may like. It will generate and assign you a partner for your secret cupid.
Make sure to check your partners wish list on a regular basis so you can have a idea of what they like.
Also add items to your wish list so they know what you like.

DISCLAIMER: If participating and you get sent a package and do not send your partner a package it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE and your partner may take legal action . So please avoid any scams.

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