Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Beginnings For Thoughtful Vee

Hi and WELCOME!! To my blog.
Soon to be our blog, Hoping that you stick around and enjoy my thoughts and shenanigans.
A little about me... Hmmm.... Where to start? My name is Yivanna, Vee for short.
I am a True New Yorker, Born in DR but raised in the Bronx, As a living I am a jeweler and love shiny things :) I am very close to my family especially my niece and nephew. I am a fashion and Beauty lover Classic looks and modern pieces I am very diverse and into so many different things, Have a sample box obsession, Instagram addiction, getting back into the twitter world .
I decided to try out a blog and see where things head. I tried doing the youtube thing but I am not one for the cameras. I think I can type better than I speak.
As for now my/our blog will consist of a little bit of everything that's going on in my world.
I hope you will take part of it and enjoy the journey with me.

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