Friday, December 20, 2013

On the Hunt!

Went to target today to finish some Christmas shopping.. Are you guys don't with yours?
I was looking for these pens that I have seen all over instagram and cute stationary items.
Found a few cute things but was actually on the hunt for these pens in the Beige and gold polka dots, but NO LUCK! Found these after some major digging. Not satisfied I put up a SOS on my instagram. To see if anyone of my pals was able to track them down for me. I must sound like a mad women searching for pens lol. But small things like this make me happy, especially when they are just a dollar, yes you read right just $1.
I also wanted some throw that were on sale a few weeks back for $17. I figured they would be at regular price. Which I think are between $30-$40 bucks. I really didn't want to pay that price but they were so pretty I needed one, And to  my surprise I found  a good amount of stock .
But to my luck they were on sale for $17.48 !!! What!! So you know I had to take one. I took the light grey leopard print. While walking around Target I spotted this beauty and for the same price.
WHAT!?!?! Major score in my book! Haha. I told a friend of mine I know I am getting old when I leave Target with just a throw and pens and be completely satisfied with shopping. Whoever knows me I am a shopping addict. Especially at Target.
Well guys this was my highlight of my Friday night.. Going to spend the rest of it wrapping gifts while watching Christmas movies. 4 days to go. Is it just me or Christmas is creeping up on us extremely fast.

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