Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays. -IM BACK!

Hey Everyone! IM BACK!!
I took a little hiatus for a bit to re-group and get myself together.  I will be blogging again and bringing everyone a bit of me. I am always active on my Instagram page if you would like to follow.
I have a few projects coming up that I cant wait to share!
One being my room makeover. Its been a process for a few weeks. It is taking me longer than I anticipated but it is due to my not being able to decide how exactly I want it.
There will be lots of Gold and White in the makeover.
I found a job I am extremely looking forward to start. I officially start next week and will let you all know exactly what and where it is. I am looking forward to moving up in the company.
Its been extremely hot out these past few days. I have been home trying to catch up on my shows that I have missed.
-True Blood - Tara is Dead!!! Why?!?!?!
Eric is sick!! Why?!?!?!
Is Snookie going back to Bill?
So much went on in the 1st episode that I was loosing my mind. lol
-Orange is the New Black- I went through whole season in two days. Now I have to wait forever for season 3.
-Pretty Little Liars! Too many As to keep up. When you think one person is in on it 10 different others appear.
-Chasing Life- Its such a good show. I only have seen two episodes but I am really enjoying it.
-Witches of East End- I  missed it on TV so I caught up to it on Netflix. I am hooked. It reminds me a little of Charmed.
Catfish- A few episode were kind of boring so far this season, but I will still watch.
-Love and Hip Hop- I cant miss the "ratchetness" going on in that show. Its your typical  "ghetto" drama.
Well  My friends tomorrow is the 4th of July! Hope you all have a fantastic holiday.

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