Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Whats the "T" Tuesdays?!?!

Hey My Lovelies!
How are all you doing?
This segment is like a Thoughtful Thursdays... just putting out there what has been going on lately.
-First off TRUE BLOOD! WTF is going on. How dare they kill Alcide off! I just cant with them I do not want to watch any more but I must.
-NY has been having some crazy weather lately. All this rain had been flooding our subways and highways.
-Been planning my nephews 2nd birthday. This year it is Mickey Mouse theme BBQ. Last year was a huge success so I am hoping this one is also.
-Lately I have been such a homebody. All I want to do is stay in and watch movies. Does anyone go through this every once in a while?
- Ok for the Big news about my JOB!
I found something I think I will love and the pay was better than I expected. I am not sure if it was cause of my experience in past job or that is there starting pay which I should of asked but its whatever now. I am happy with what i am getting for the moment.
So I can officially say I am part of the SEPHORA family!
I am super excited!! More updates on this as time goes by.
How has the beginning of your week so far? 

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