Saturday, October 18, 2014

Giving it another go.....

I have been trying to blog for sometime now and I wasn't able to get into my blog.
After trying for a few days I finally was able to fix whatever was wrong. Persistence does pay off.
I have a few ideas of some post I would love to put up and I am willing to take any suggestions if I still have any readers left.
-As for me I am working at Sephora. I do like the job and the perks that come along with it.  I enjoy the company of most of my cast members. Its a very busy job but that's a good thing cause the hours there go by pretty fast.
-I want to do something else with myself but I am not sure yet. I would love for this blog to be a success but I really need to put my heart and dedication into it.
With the work I am doing  I can connect with lots of different people and brand I just need to run it by my bosses to make sure its ok. I will be having some major networking to do .
-Its 3am and I should be sleeping since I have to work tomorrow for a full day, but I was not going to sleep until I figured out how to start blogging again. I am also watching The Originals and just finished catching up on The Vampire Diaries. I swear I love those shows.
I have been going threw some personal issues and they have been keeping my minds off things.
I am calling it short so I can try and get some rest for tomorrow but you will be hearing from me soon again.
Enjoy your weekend my lovelies !